Ideas: Lawns, Paths and Novelties

Camomile can be planted in many sunny situations in gardens large or small. It should not be used where heavy use is expected such as children's games.


Larger spaces accommodate a camomile walk or path (if the ground is packed by heavy walking the side shoots may be prevented from rooting).

Camomile can be alternated with flagstones in a patio (allow 10cm depth of soil between paving).

Camomile can be used as a substitute for moss in a Japanese garden.


A camomile bank is an attractive setting for flowers.

Camomile can be planted as a fragrant welcome mat into a herb garden.




Camomile lawns can be used to great effect in floral displays


Camomile growing beside a pond                                                                         




In small gardens, a camomile lawn makes a lovely feature


A sensory carpet for a baby



  Camomile seats - a luxury!




Camomile should not be mixed with grass as the grass is invasive and will eventually replace the camomile